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One of the primary goals to grow a successful organization in Network Marketing is to create duplication on your team.
You want others doing what you do. So, are there secrets to creating that duplication? The answer is no.  We have a very simple business. We contact others, show the business, ask people to join and train and work with the ones who are ready.
Sometimes, people sign up and still aren’t really ready to go to work. Have you ever experienced this? Most of us have. So, let’s talk about the key things you need to do to create duplication in your group.
1.  Be showing your business every day.  Make your list; attend networking events, etc. Always be adding to your contact list of people to talk to.
2. Sign up the ones who are interested. Just simply ask – do you want to do this? Don’t overcomplicate this. Show the business and follow up until they sign up. Don’t let go of those contacts, because at some point some will be ready.
3. Work with the ones who are “showing up.” What does that mean? They are showing the business to others, signing up customers and distributors, attending events and they call you.
4. Stay in productive action. Don’t fall into management mode. You are waiting for the right people to show up. It’s a complete waste of time to try and train and motivate those who aren’t ready to do anything. Be the best example you can be by being in action and continuing to build.
5. Look for the ones who want to build a big team and then stand back. Let them go because they are going to do it for themselves!
Remember, just like a deck of cards, you are looking for aces. Don’t try to turn a queen into an ace. You will never be successful doing that. Keep looking for the aces. They are out there.

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